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* Extensive dramaturgy resumé and testimonials available upon request. 

How it works:

A one-to-one opportunity

Sandra A. Daley-Sharif is a five-star creative powerhouse who wields her craft with velvet tenacity and kick-ass grace!  As a seasoned writer, she proves a rich and welcoming vessel for untold stories imbued in tantalizing complexity yet spoken succinctly to the soul. Her characters weave and wrestle with moments, each other and Life with uncompromising honesty, poetry and texture. As a dramaturg, Ms. Daley-Sharif is a true advocate for any serious playwright, honoring their courage in their continued development of the work.  She takes time to deeply listen, meditate on then massage, stretch, pry open and shake loose the junk and gems in hidden pockets of each developing work, releasing the many needed sounds, spaces, layers and hues discovered within.  Ms. Daley-Sharif is nothing short of a magical weaver of the word and provocative truth conjurer, gifting whomever works with her the awesome journey of open-minded exploratory adventure coupled with tough-love challenge and choices birthing both stronger written work and writer."
—Aixa Kendrick, MultiMedia Artist/Producer (Rainbow & Thunderbolts MultiMedia Inc ©)

$225 Fee

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I offer a critical read of your play with written and verbal comments, questions and exercises. I am "...not just a dramaturg, but an all-around theatre professional."

  • I read your play and give written comments. More than structure, I comments speak to the emotional, the specifics, and the “why” of your play.

  • You absorb those comments and then talk with me via email, phone, or in person.

  • Rewrite your script, if you choose, incorporating those comments.

  • I read your play again, with no written comments this time.

  • You and I have a final conversation.

Together, you will work within an agreed upon timeline for each step. The entire process, however, should be completed within three months of the date on which it began.