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* Extensive dramaturgy resumé and testimonials available upon request. 

How it works:

- Ona, Washington, Lulu, George by David Morse, 3.2021

- Black is Beautiful by Kareem Lucas, 1.2021

- We Are Proud to Present… by Jackie Sibblies Drury — Montclair State University, 8.2020

- Couch by Andrea Kuchlewska, 8.2020

- UHURU by Gloria Majule/AYE DEFY, 6.2020​

Checks are good. Venmo and Zelle are GREAT!

​For more info:


Let's keep it simple: I work based on a project's specific needs and accommodate my services to best fit the situation. The following is a guide to some of the services I offer.

SERVICES: Production Dramaturgy (TV/Theatre), New Play Development, Collaboration, Writing for TV/Film, Ghost Writing, and Audience Engagement Programming.

For pre-production work, development, writing and programming, we would figure out an agreement/fee that makes sense for everyone involved. 

Typically, a full-length play amounts to a five-hour consultation, including an initial conversation with the playwright about their needs, my time reviewing materials and gathering thoughts, and a lengthy feedback discussion with the playwright would cost at least $375. 

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